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Lateral Ear Canal Resection

When dogs experience chronic ear infection of the outer ear, or ear infection that fails to respond to traditional medications, a lateral ear canal resection may be recommended.  This procedure involves the removal of one wide of the external ear canal, which allows improved drainage and ventilation.  If permanent damage has occurred to the ear canal, this procedure may not be adequate to address the problem.  Although this procedure may not eliminate future ear infections, it makes future infections less common and easier to treat.

How much does a Lateral Ear Canal Resection cost?

The all inclusive fee is $1,400.00 (unilateral) $1,700.00 (bilateral)

This includes:

  • Intake Physical Examination
  • Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork: CBC, full chemistry panel, clotting profile when indicated
  • EKG
  • I.V. Catheter
  • I.V. Fluids
  • Preoperative Imaging
  • Pre-Anesthetic analgesia drugs
  • Anesthesia induction drugs tailored to the individual patient
  • Anesthesia Maintenance on isoflurane
  • Anesthesia monitoring by: EKG, CO2 end tidal, O2 saturation, Blood pressure, body temperature
  • Lateral Ear Canal Resection Surgery
  • Post-surgical recovery monitoring
  • Post-surgical therapy laser treatment
  • Hospitalization as required
  • Take home medications
  • Recheck appointments