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Perineal Hernia Surgery with Diverticulum

A Perineal hernia occurs when pelvic diaphragm muscles fail to support the rectal wall. Pelvic and or abdominal contents herniate through the weakened wall.  The cause of pelvic diaphragm weakening is poorly understood, but is believed to be associated with male hormones, straining, and congenital or acquired muscle weakness or atrophy. The pelvic diaphragm is stronger in female dogs than in males. A hernia of the perineal area is more common in dogs than in cats, and in males rather than in females. Treatment often involves surgery and then prescription drugs to ease the animal's pain. Rectal diverticulum is a rare out-pouching of rectal mucous membranes in dogs through a defect in the overlying muscle layers, found mostly in middle aged, male dogs. Rectal diverticula may exist alone, but most often it has been described as a sequel to perineal hernia.

What does Perineal Hernia Surgery with Diverticulum cost?

The all inclusive fee is $4,200.00

This includes:

  • Intake Physical Examination
  • Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork: CBC, full chemistry panel, clotting profile when indicated
  • EKG
  • I.V. Catheter
  • I.V. Fluids
  • Pre-Anesthetic analgesia drugs
  • Anesthesia induction drugs tailored to the individual patient
  • Anesthesia Maintenance on isoflurane
  • Anesthesia monitoring by: EKG, CO2 end tidal, O2 saturation, Blood pressure, body temperature
  • Pre-operative Radiographs
  • Perineal Hernia Surgery with Diverticulum
  • Post-surgical recovery monitoring
  • Hospitalization as required
  • Take home medications
  • Recheck appointments